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Wizards of the Coast
Renton, Wa, United States

Wizards of the Coast is the developer and publisher of game-based entertainment products including Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragon, and an Axis & Allies World War II miniatures game. They are also the publisher of the Mirrorstone Books.

Games Workshop
Glen Burnie, Md , United States

Official homepage of Warhammer.

Bell of Lost souls
Austin, Tx, United States

Model reviews, painting, conversion, and modeling tutorials for Games Workshop science-fiction kits.

Privateer Press
Bellevue, Wa, United States

Official homepage of Privateer Press, the producer of the award-winning miniatures game WARMACHINE and the publisher of the Full Metal Fantasy role-playing setting of the Iron Kingdoms.

10mm Wargaming
Grimsby, United Kingdom

Welcome to my world of 10mm Wargaming I am intending to use these pages to document my ongoing war gaming projects.

Mantic Games
Bulwell, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Manufacturer of high quality war game miniatures including Kings of War, DreadBall, Mars Attacks, Dead Zone, BattleZones, and Dungeon Saga.

Micro Art Studio
Gdynia, Poland

Manufacturer of figures and accessories for wargames. Battle diorama bases, resin and hardfoam terrain elements, movement trays, miniature bases, figure conversion accessories, markers, tokens, templates, Wolsung, fantasy, s-f miniature, 70mm figures....

Dream Pod 9

Official homepage of the producer of sci-fi table top wargames Heavy Gear Blitz, Heavy Gear Arena, and series of game books with rules for tabletop miniatures play.

The Miniatures Page
Ca, United States

A web magazine about toy soldiers (military miniatures). Contains various resources related to general gaming as well as fantasy, historical, and science fiction war games. (URL updated 5/2/2001)

Wyrd Miniatures, LLC
Kennesaw, Ga, United States

Wyrd was founded to provide high quality miniatures for painters. Their products including the Malifaux skirmish game, Evil Baby Orphanage, Puppet Wars, and many more.


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