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Schiffsmodellbaufreunde Einbeck-Dassel  
Dassel, Niedersachsen, Germany

Different R/C Model-Ships with many functions, also a lot of warShips like "Bismarck", german "Schnellboote", and Lifeguard-Boats

Miniaturflotte - Ship Models from Saxony  

Beautiful ship models from Germany. At this site you can see warships of the german "Kaiserliche Marine" and a lot of other ships. Have a look on our homepage, its very interesting.

Dahlenburg, Germany, Germany

Modern waterline warships in metal in scale 1:1250. Models are fully painted. You can get the models with a great range of accessories.

Der lustige Modellbauer  
Gevelsberg, Germany

We are a german group of scale modelers in various kind of materials and topics. The build of Tanks, figures, warships an cars - also the build of planes in RC are shown in our forum. You can find papermodels, plastics, wood and metalmodels here.

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Starship-Models offers you the whole variety of the SCI FI universes from Star Trek models, Star Wars models, Battlestar Galactica models and other science fiction movies and TV series like Aliens, Stargate, Babylon 5 and many more.

Line of Battle & Napoleon Forum  

Site & forum about maritime history in the age of sail with ship modelling sub section. While centering on the Napoleonic era also covers the period from 17th to the end of the 19th century. Furthermore ship replica list, book reviews, tabletop etc.


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