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Micro Art Studio  
Gdynia, Poland

Manufacturer of figures and accessories for wargames. Battle diorama bases, resin and hardfoam terrain elements, movement trays, miniature bases, figure conversion accessories, markers, tokens, templates, Wolsung, fantasy, s-f miniature, 70mm figures....  
Warszawa, Poland

Website about Berlin 1945 modelling. You find there number of photos from Berlin 1919-45 that would be helpful for diorama builders. Model gallery & weapon walkaround photos are included. Special topic is Polish Army in Berlin 1945.

Attack Squadron model accessories  
Warszawa, N/A, Poland

Manufacturer of top quality diorama accessories in 1:72 scale. Multimedia kits for display naval aviation models. Ship catapults, airfield, decals and other valuable goods to enhance model impact on spectators.  

Internet shop with figures and dioramas kits and accessories. From full dioramas kits to single furniture or glass bottles made in scale. Also selling paints, pigments and tools needed to work on scale models.


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