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One5 Models Craft  
Bandung, Indonesia, Indonesia

Free Download Papercraft / Papertoys : Tokusatsu (Super Hero), Anime & Game

Bandai Town  
Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

The official homepage of Bandai CO., LTD., the manufacturer of Gundam and other anime models. Site in Japanese and English.

Volks Inc.  
Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan

Manufacturer of resin science fiction model kits the Five Star Stories and anime figures.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine  

Japanese hobby magazine emphasized on Gundam, sci-fi and anime figure modeling. In Japanese.

Osaka, Japan

Manufacturer of figure toys and garage kits based on the characters of Japanese anime and US comic books.

F-toys Confect.  
Osaka, Japan

Manufacturer of 1/144 scale model airplanes (Wing Kit Collections), 1/150 scale trunk and bus models, and miniature anime and sci-fi figures.

Anime Resin Model Kit online shop  

There are more than 100 anime series. More than 1000 recast garage kits, original kits, wallscrolls...........Check it now, you will find out something special


The best anime and videogame related papercrafts on the net

Mecha & Anime HQ  

Web resource for Gundam and other Mecha. Featuring Reviews and Mecha Profiles of Gundam and Macross, an Image Gallery, and more.

United States

The official Gundam anime web site. (in English)


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