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Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd.
This is a new manufacturer (The world's first and only) of both ready-to-sail and kit radio-controlled square-rigged sailing ships. They are all produced at the scale of 1:24. The models are designed to be (stand-off) scale. The control methods and construction materials produce vessels that can actually sail exactly as the originals did in the 1800's. Kits are complete and come with all the servos, the battery, everything but the radio. The quality that the company produces is indicated by an enormous, beautifully detailed, half-scale model of the GOES weather satellite in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Kits come with complete fiberglass hulls and instructions for straight forward assembly. The masts hinge down to lie on the deck for transportation. As necessary, topmasts and topgallant masts are snplug.
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