International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites

Tips for searching the International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites:

  • The search is case insensitive to the keywords, e.g. search AirPlane or airplane would give you the same results. However, you may use several Operator characters in between the keywords to obtain desired search results. As described below.

  • Place a space or a comma (,) between two words gives the And operation, e.g. if you input Airplane Model (or Airplane, Model), then only the records that containing both keywords will be returned. However the order of the words is not important, i.e. search for Airplane Model and Model Airplane would give you the same results. It should also be pointed out that in this operation, additional spaces in between the keywords will be ignored. If you would like to seek Airplane Model as a phrase, you can either enclose the words within a pair of brackets, [ and ] or double quotes, ". For example, search for [Airplane Model] (or "Airplane Model") will return the records that containing the phrase Airplane Model. Therefore, the result from searching [Airplane Model] and [Model Airplane] would be different. Besides, if you put leading blanks or ending blanks in the brackets would also give you different results. For example, search for [ Airplane Model ] will eliminate the records that only contains Airplane Modeler or R/CAirplane Models.

  • You may use the semicolon (;) in between the keywords to activate the Or operation, e.g. search for Airplane; Model or Model; Airplane will return the records that containing the word Airplane OR Model, or both words.

  • The operators can be combined in a single search. For example, if you input [Airplane Model]; Airplane Model as the search string, it will find all the records containing the phrase Airplane Model or the words Airplane and Model for you.

  • You may also use the asterisk (*) as a wild card character. For example, search for m***l will give you all the records that containing any word among medal, metal, model, modal, ... etc.

  • To use the optional Search Form for more specified search, first type the search keywords in the Keywords box, and then choose the desired matching  field by checking one of the radio buttons. The available choices are Title, URL, Descriptions, and Any field (default). The third step is to select the Category to search from, the default option is to search the entire database (All Categories). Finally, you can restrict the search within specifiec Country (the default is Worldwide), just click on the select box and then highlight the country of your choose.

That's all there is to it. Should you encounter any problem or runtime errors in using this program, please don't hesitate to contact the Webmaster Thanks!